Mike and Mike

I listen to Mike and Mike every morning when I’m getting ready for work and on my drive to work. I love the random sports knowledge and trivia you can pick up from them. And as I’m getting older…I find that I like talk radio more. I’m officially a sports nerd.

When I found out that Mike and Mike were going to be broadcasting live in downtown St. Louis… I was super excited! My brother told me that it wasn’t that crowded when he was watching it online so yesterday I got up super early to get ready. I drove to work realllllly early, hopped on the metro and took to to the stadium. I walked a few blocks over to Kiener Plaza and there they were! There were only 50 ppl or so sitting on the steps watching the live broadcast. 

They passed out all sorts of ESPN radio goodies during the breaks. I got a water bottle, t-shirt, key chain, and flashlight. I also got autographs from both Mikes and Tim Kurkjian. When I was handing my sharpie to Tim, I accidently wrote on him…. Ooops! Sorry Timmy!









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