More Updates

While Collin is in Lake Tahoe for his brother’s bachelor party…I’ve been very busy. I’ve painted most of the white trim in the house (I’m finishing tomorrow) and I’ve created a gallery wall. You can’t really tell from the pictures but each of the pictures on the wall is a sepia toned tree picture of some sort. I have some of spanish moss and willows. What do you think?  P.S. I know they’re a little crooked. I need to get the level out.



We painted the downstairs “warm caramel” and painted behind the bookshelves “walnut bark.” I LOVE how the colors turned out. We also added the valances on the windows. Of course while I went upstairs to get the camera, a sneaky little puppy found herself a napping place on the couch.


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2 Responses to More Updates

  1. julia says:

    I love wall galleries! Great work.

  2. Jana says:

    I really like the caramel color and good job on your wall gallery.

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