This post is a long time coming. We’ve done a lot of changing stuff around in the house and I finally remembered to download the pictures and show you what’s been happening around la casa.

WARNING- Lots of pictures, long post!

Changes 001

A tacky brass light fixture was removed for this rubbed bronze beauty.

Changes 002

Collin bought me this awesome hammock for our two year anniversary (cotton). Too bad October sucked and rained 18/31 days.

Changes 004Changes 003

When I was in San Francisco with my dad, Collin stained the entire deck!

Changes 006

Changes 008

Changes 014

This chair was once an ugly black with a horrible cover. Now, it’s super cute!

Changes 009

We lowered the light fixture to the appropriate height (thanks google) and added window valances.

Changes 010

Changes 011

Changes 012

A tacky brass fixture was removed from the front of the house. This one is adorable. We need new house numbers now and maybe a new mailbox…

My favorite new addition is this sideboard. We don’t have anything in it but I love it. Ignore the price tags on the decor…we were deciding what to keep and what to take back.

Changes 015

Changes 016

The next big change was the art project for around our tv. This was our inspiration:

black silhouettes on wall

And our version:

Changes 017

Changes 018

Just added yesterday:

Changes 037

We found the side table on clearance at the local Ashley furniture store. Topped with a Home Goods lamp and our living room is finally complete!

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2 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes….

  1. julia says:

    it all looks great, hanna~and I love the shadow boxes! You rock!

  2. Lana says:

    Wow, it looks so nice. I really like the area over your t.v. I bet the hammock is great to relax in.

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