Halloween (Epic FAIL)

I was sooooooooo excited for the first Halloween in our house. I was sure there would be tons of trick or treaters and so we bought a ton of candy. We had a total of 5 ppl show up.  The ones that did were adorable but it made me sad. Are people not going door to door anymore? Not even in Kirkwood??

We waited until Halloween to carve our pumpkins. I was sooo excited because I had found a boxer template and wanted to make Lola pose next to my awesomely carved pumpkin. Failed there too. Here is the professional version from Better Homes and Gardens:


And mine…..

Changes 021









Changes 024








Collin’s pumpkin, on the other hand, was adorable.

Changes 028








Changes 030

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One Response to Halloween (Epic FAIL)

  1. Grace says:

    I think your version of the pumpkin was nice….you are way too hard on yourself. Have you always been this way???

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