Emily needs your prayers…

The day I left to catch my plane in Chicago, my dear friend Emily got some devastating news. Her dad, Mike, was diagnosed with stage 3 bile duct cancer. He is currently at the Mayo Clinic under the best care he could get. He is hopefully a candidate for a liver transplant. They should be getting more information in the coming weeks. He’s in positive spirits making Emily crack up when she calls him. I know this is really hard for everyone but they seem to be handling things well.

If you could take some time out of your day to pray for Mike and his family, I know they would appreciate it. If you’d like to read about Mike’s journey, please go to www.caringbridge.org/mikefitzgerald1.

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2 Responses to Emily needs your prayers…

  1. julia says:

    ick, cancer is no fun. My thoughts and prayers are with Emily and her family!

  2. Emily says:

    Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers… Hanna, thanks for being a great friend 🙂 I love you xoxo

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