I posted all of my pictures on facebook but I figured I’d whittle them down to my favorite pics from each city.

Venice was reallllly cold. I would say maybe it got up to 30 when we were there. The whole city was kind of shrouded in a fog bubble that kept the sun from warming it up. It was really  nice that the off season weather kept the crowds down. We got to see and do a lot of things in the limited amount of time we were there.

Day 1- Checked in to the hotel, got lost trying to walk to San Marco Square, finally found San Marco Square, took the Vaparetto back to the hotel, had pizza for dinner.

Day 2- Took the Vaparetto (water ferry) to Murano, watched a glass blowing demonstration, bought Murano glass for some presents, took Vaparetto back, walked to the Rialto Bridge, had pizza for lunch, walked to the Bridge of Sighs, Gondola Ride, walked home.

Day 3- Took train to Florence! (Florence pictures to come)

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One Response to Venice!

  1. Karen says:

    I feel cheated. Just because not all of us have Facebook doesn’t mean we should be cut out of your picture sharing. Spread the love!!

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