So without getting into the nitty gritty trying details….I took the first pregnancy test on January 2. I was at my mom’s for the weekend-to celebrate her birthday and get some family pictures taken. I really didn’t have a reason to take the test…I just kind of had a hunch. I took the test first thing in the morning, stuck it in my pillow case without looking at it, took lola outside and went back to sleep. About an hour later, I looked at it and saw the faintest line. Collin was sleeping upstairs (he snores so sometimes we sleep in different rooms) and so I ran upstairs to show him. He was VERY skeptical. He definitely thought the line should be darker and said we’ll try again tomorrow.

Once we were back in St. Louis, I took another test which showed a much darker line. He still didn’t believe it and said we needed a digital to prove it. He went to the local Shop n Save and about an hour later we had the proof! Needless to say, he was very nervous about my trip to Italy. Not exactly the best timing but my doctor said it was completely fine to fly as long as I got up every few hours to walk around and drank lots of water.

My first doctor’s appointment was the day after I got back from Italy. I had taken the day off to recover from the jet lag so it was perfect timing. We went in and according to the dates I gave them when making the appointment, the baby was measuring small. We still saw a good heartbeat but my doctor was a little concerned. We scheduled the next appointment for three weeks later and waited…..impatiently….and worried….a lot.

Our second appt was Feb. 18th. We saw a different doctor that wasn’t even prepared to do an ultrasound…I used my pushy/worried voice and we got to see the baby again. The doctor said the baby was measuring right on target based on the new dates from the last ultrasound. We were right at ten weeks and the due date is September 21st. We got tons of pictures and saw the baby’s strong heartbeat and it was even moving!

This is a view of the head and body.

This is the hands and feet…

Profile view of head/body

Another profile view- you can see the hand

Same kind of view

This one is kind of cool. You can see the arms crossed in front.

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2 Responses to Details!

  1. Emily says:

    LOVING every bit of this!!!! 😀
    I am sooo happy for you two!!! Xoxox

  2. julia says:

    Yay!! So exciting. I think I read on my friend Andrea’s blog that you two had been TTC for quite awhile so this is even SWEETER to read about. So excited to read all about this journey you guys are on. It really does fly by, I swear!

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