20 more to go!


Total Weight Gained/Loss? I have an appt next week but as of now I’m up 10 lbs. It really drives me nuts and I’m working hard on accepting the weight gain because it’s for a good reason.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah-pants for sure. I’m still wearing my regular shirts as most of them were either long or loose to begin with.  I’m in search of another pair of maternity jeans. Although today I’m wearing my normal skinny jeans using the rubber band trick.

Sleep: I toss and turn a lot but have been sleeping better than I was originally. I’ll have bouts of days where I’ll wake up at 4 in the morning for no reason though.

Movement? Baby girl is moving around a lot. She’s mostly active in the mid-morning/afternoon. Collin hasn’t been able to feel her yet but I’m hoping that’ll happen soon.

Food Craving? None recently.

Food aversions? None.

Morning sickness? Nope. Not in a long time.

Gender? GIRL!!

Belly Button? It’s still an innie but it’s more round than deep at this point.

What I miss? Having more options in my dress pants/jeans.

What I’m looking forward to: finally getting a round bump.

Milestones: We’re HALF WAY!!!!

We’re still in the decision-making process on baby girl’s name. We’ve decided to not share the name when we do decide.  I’ve heard waaaay too many opinions on other people’s names/suggestions and I really don’t want you to tell me how much you hate my name when that’s what I want to name her. I promise it won’t be weird or have any kind of alternate spelling. It’ll be classic and cute and perfect for her. 

I’m excited to see her again on Tuesday! Hopefully it’ll still be a girl 😉

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