23 week growth spurt

As you can see, my belly has exploded. I think baby and I have both hit a growth spurt. It’s really hard not to compare yourself to other pregnant ladies out there who are on the same track as you. I think I’m waaaay bigger than the other people that are also 23 weeks. It’s just been a little rough on me lately.

This past weekend we went to Mt. Carmel, IL to visit Collin’s family and drop off Lola. We had originally planned to board her for memorial day weekend while we are out of town but knowing Lola and her “specialness” we knew we had to find a different option. Lola tends to stress out when not in her normal routine and then doesn’t eat. She really doesn’t eat that well anyway so five days of stressed out Lola would not be good. Luckily, Collin’s mom agreed to watch her and we met up with her at Collin’s grandpa’s house. I’ll have to say that when we came home yesterday without her, it was beyond weird. It was worse this morning because I’m the one that takes care of Lola in the mornings (lets her out, feeds her etc). So strange to be able to get ready in the morning without all of that as part of my routine. I guess we should really take advantage of our last “child-free” week for a LONG time.

On Friday, Collin and I are flying out to Maryland to visit my dad and drive back his “old” car. He’s graciously donated his gently used car to us and we’re going to drive it back splitting the time up between Sunday and Monday. We already have two cars but it’s really hard to turn down a free car!! After we get the “new” car back to MO, we’ll probably sell Collin’s car and bank that money for later.

We have another doctor’s appointment next week to check on the little one. I think at that point, we’ll also schedule the glucose tolerance test. Fun times ahead!

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One Response to 23 week growth spurt

  1. julia says:

    do not compare bellies!! and do not compare babies when she’s out, either! super cute, hanna

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