I had a “surprise” work shower a few weeks ago thrown by my coworkers but really spearheaded by my good friend Amy. She basically told people what to do and it turned out awesome! They knew not to include any chocolate (I’m not a fan). Everything was personalized to me 🙂 It was hard though to pretend I didn’t know about it. I’m not sure my surprise face was convincing, but oh well! They were very generous. I got a nice sized target gift card (used last weekend), some clothes/toys, and a basket of books. Amy also made this gorgeous diaper cake! It’s so freakin cute.

I also had a family shower thrown by my mom, my sister, Collin’s mom, and my friends Emily and Tana. A TON(!) of people came and gave me a ridiculous amount of stuff. It was so much that we had to leave some at Jana’s house to pick up at a later date. People were very generous and I appreciate it so much. This will definitely be one well-dressed little girl.

Here are pictures of the event:

Mom’s creative diaper cake

Check out the loot! At this point, I was starting to get very hot and sweaty…my cute hair/makeup just ends up flat and melted… watch the progression through the pictures.

Cute gear from family that works at Yellowstone Park.

The boys joined us after a hot round of morning golf.

My Kentucky family drove 4+ hours to surprise me at my shower. I was so surprised and thankful they came.

My mom and the diaper cake.

Holy double chin, Batman! Ignore that and look at the awesome blanket my mom cross-stitched for Baby Richmond. This will be great for her to have as she grows.

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