Two Months

Charlotte’s two month apppointment was this morning. The doctor is very happy with her progress and we don’t go back for a regular appointment until she’s four months (Jan.).

She hasn’t done very well with her transition to bottles. We’ve been trying for the past two weeks to ease in a bottle every now and then so I can take a break and she can get used to the bottle before we start daycare in January. She hasn’t been able to keep a bottle in her mouth for a sustained period. She ends up getting pissed off and screaming which leads to me feeding her….bottle FAIL. She also cannot hold a pacifier in her mouth (there have been times where a pacifier would have been handy!). I talked to the doctor about this and Charlotte is going to have her frenulum (ligament under the tongue) clipped next week. Hers is pretty tight and limits her ability to stick out her tongue. Our pediatrician had looked at it in the past but since she was latching on ok it wasn’t a problem. This should help with her difficulty latching on to the bottle.

She’s also having an ultrasound on her sacrum/spine. Since birth she’s had a pretty deep dimple on her lower back/butt area. The doctor said we would watch it as she develops. It’s deep enough that she wants to have an ultrasound to rule out spina bifida. She doesn’t think that Charlotte has anything to worry about at this point but she wants to have the ultrasound as a precautionary measure. Both of these procedures will be done next Monday. Wish us luck for good outcomes.

Here are her two month stats:

Weight: 11lbs 13.4oz (77th percentile)

Length: 22.25 inches (45th percentiles)

Head circumference 15 1/8 inches (47th percentile)

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3 Responses to Two Months

  1. julia says:

    Good luck and well wishes for the big ultrasound—I’m sure it’s fine but that is still scary! And the tongue clipping—hope that helps with the bottle. It’s awesome she is such a good breastfeeder and doesn’t like the bottle much, since usually it’s the reverse!

  2. Emily says:

    Crossing my fingers for good outcomes!! Those pictures are so cute!! I love the one where she’s looking to the side!! Super cute 🙂

  3. Aunt Lori says:

    I refuse to be called Great Aunt–even though you know it’s true- 🙂

    She is too cute!!!! So many times looking at the pics, I’ll say she’s all Collin, then in the next one, she looks just like her Mom! Sending good vibrations your way for our little one’s doctor appointment. Let us know. Lots of love!!!

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