10 Weeks

We had a great week. Charlotte’s ultrasound came back normal! We were beyond relieved. She also had her tongue clipped on Monday. She didn’t even cry. She was more upset that there was a tongue depressor in her mouth. Hopefully, we are done with doctors for awhile.

We spent Thanksgiving day at Collin’s grandpa’s house in Mt. Carmel, IL. She met most of his mom’s family. It was our first road trip with her and it was pretty miserable. She cried most of the way. She’s the only baby I know that hates the car. She did manage a good night’s sleep from 9-5.

We went to my grandma’s house in Owensboro, KY on Friday. She met my dad’s family and despite being a fuss bucket with a tummy ache they want to see her again.

We are on our way back to St. Louis now and so far (knock on wood) she has slept most of the way. Hopefully, she’ll be able to sleep well tonight.

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One Response to 10 Weeks

  1. julia says:

    hooray for a clear ultrasound!

    I know of a few babies that hate the car…sometimes it’s just a phase and they get over it in time, so hang in there!

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