15 weeks

This week has been a rough one in the sleep department. I think we got out of our routine over the holidays and never really got back into it. This weekend Charlotte decided she didn’t want to nap either. Bring in the tears and frustration from both of us.

During my midnight googling sessions, I discovered the double swaddle technique complete with YouTube video. It takes the place of her miracle blanket, which she is sadly growing out of. We also moved her bedtime back from 9 to 7. Last night was a lot better. She slept from 7 to 11:45 and then was up at 5:15. Of course, I didn’t sleep that whole time because I was convinced something had to be wrong. At five though, she refused to go back to sleep. It was a hard two hours before I gave in and got her up. She is napping now though so I’m going to try to get a nap in while I can.

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One Response to 15 weeks

  1. julia says:

    ah, sleep sagas. Hang in there girl!!

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