36/37 weeks

Charlotte is a bundle of energy. She’s so much happier now that she is mobile and can get around on her own. She can wave bye, says dadadada indiscriminately, crawls, and can pull up on things. She would love to be able to walk but the balance is just not quite there yet. If you ask, “Where’s Lola?” She will turn her head and try to find her. It seems like she picks up new “tricks” all the time.

Today is Collin’s first day back at work. He’s working at a small law firm in Champaign that mainly focuses on business litigation and medical malpractice defense (on the doctor/hospital side). It will definitely be different than the last firm that had over 200 attorneys.

Now that Collin is back to work, Charlotte no longer has an in home parent. Today is her first day in day care. I know that there are tons of kids in daycare and they are just fine but it just breaks my heart a little bit to know that someone else is taking care of her. We’ve never left her with anyone for more than a few hours. She was happy when I left while I was crying in my car. I know it’ll get easier with time but today is really hard.

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One Response to 36/37 weeks

  1. julia says:

    hang in there, mama. She is going to have so much fun! It’s way harder on you, trust me.

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