Long time no blog…as per usual

I have to do this blog in bullet point style. It’s fast and I can be random.

  • Charlotte is 9.5 months old now. So crazy. She had her nine month checkup last week and weighs in at 20 lbs 1 oz. She’s 28″ long and has a head circumference of 44.5 cm. Not sure why that one’s in metric.
  • She picked up her first day care cold last week and then yesterday I was called with the news she had pink eye. One short trip to the doctor later and not only did she have pink eye but the beginnings of an ear infection. Poor little miss. She has to stay out of daycare for the next two days.
  • We are in our new house. It’s been pretty hard to get unpacked. Collin has been pretty sick the past week so things are moving slowly. I think he’s finally starting to feel better so hopefully we can get things unpacked and situated.
  • Speaking of Collin, he went to the convenient care last week and they noticed that his throat had a mass near his adam’s apple. They sent him to a physician who sent him to an ENT who said….that’s a thyroglossal (sp?) duct cyst and you have to have it taken out. He had a CT scan Friday and meets with the ENT surgeon on Thursday. It’s been crazy around here.
  • I’m in a beginning women’s running group with Jana. We’re training for the Fisher Fair 5k. It’s been a great way to get myself back into running. I already signed up for the next level class. Hopefully, this is the kick in the butt I need to keep going.
  • I am really enjoying my new job. It’s a lot more responsibility but I have a great boss that seems to care that I like what I’m doing and wants to help me get situated in my job and in the community.

Hopefully, once things settle down, I’ll actually be able to post pictures of the house instead of just talking about it. Stick with me here… I know it’s been dull.

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4 Responses to Long time no blog…as per usual

  1. julia says:

    yay for running again! boo for sickies at daycare. SO not fun. Hang in there!

  2. Liz says:

    The Fisher 5K sounds fun! I ran a 5K in Stonington, IL (Middle of Nowwhere, IL) 2 weeks ago and it was a lot of fun to run through the cornfields. 🙂 Will you be going to the tractor pulls at the fair? Ali and I have some good memories at the Fisher Fair! HA!

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