Umm….hello….is anyone still there?

So it’s been right at six months since I’ve posted anything on here. I don’t even know if people even read it but I thought I would start up again in hopes of keeping family members up to date with my life. So…starting over with what’s happened:

  • We moved back to Illinois in May. I started a new job as a Legal Affairs Specialist at a hospital in Champaign. My work environment is a million times better than what I had in St. Louis. I don’t go to work with an upset stomach anymore. Score for that.
  • Collin is now working for a small defense firm that focuses on medical malpractice (defends doctors) and other insurance defense work. He has normal working hours.
  • We bought a new house in June and we’ve done a ton of work on it already. I will attempt to post pictures soon.
  • There’s been an adjustment period for me here. I left some great friends behind in St. Louis that I miss like crazy. Also…Champaign is not Kirkwood, as much as I would like it to be.
  • On the plus side, we are now much closer to 5 out of 7 of Charlotte’s grandparents. Knowing that she will have a close relationship with them makes it easier.
  • I started running again this summer. I ran the Fisher Fair 5k and the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago. I’m in a training group to run the IL half marathon in April. I swear every time I start running again, I feel like a 90 year old woman. Is this what it’s like to get old?
  • Speaking of old, I will be turning 30 in three short months. In some ways, I’m don’t want to think about it but in others, it’s a milestone I’m proud to have (almost) made.
  • I have a sixteen month old! The saying that time flies is so true. The other day at the grocery store we were looking for a toothbrush for Charlotte. Collin had a package and said…”But this one is for toddlers.” I responded, “She is a toddler.” It’s nuts.
  • We switched daycares in September. I was super worried about her transition but she’s doing amazingly well. She started signing words within the first week. I swear she learns something new everyday. Her newest is saying and signing “Thank you” when you ask her to say please. She knows how to say/sign please but likes to do them in order. It’s adorable (to me).
  • Charlotte has had an ear infection off and on since her birthday in September. She had an allergic reaction to the first drug (penicillin-based). We’ve tried two other ones since then that didn’t work. Cue our trip to the ENT on Friday. The ENT wants to try a low dose of prednisone for five days to try to kick it. We go back on Feb. 8th to see if she’ll need tubes.

I think you’re pretty much up to date with us. My goal is a once a week post. Bonus if I do more. So I’m back… in small doses.

Hi family!

New Elmo Jammies

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3 Responses to Umm….hello….is anyone still there?

  1. julia says:

    Welcome back!! I’m reading!

  2. Lori M says:

    Hello! I have an RSS feed for this, so you are pretty much stalked regularly. Love the Outlook Calendar!! I’ll take a picture of mine and you will see that we are so-so-SO soul sistas!!

  3. Becky says:

    I’m reading! I so enjoy keeping up with the family!!! 🙂 See you soon!

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