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So I thought I would post pictures of my office. Pardon the quality as I took them with my iPhone, its a dreary day and the entire bank of lights above my desk is out. Also, I did not clean prior to taking pictures so you can see how it looks mid-day.

So one of the perks/weird things about my office is that it used to be an exam room. My floor used to be a patient floor but the medical offices have moved elsewhere. What that leaves me is the sink area in the back corner. At first, I wasn’t thrilled because it was a constant reminder that I’m being housed in an exam room, but now it’s pretty handy. See that tea pot on the side? It’s a fast hot water boiler and it’s awesome for cold days. I can rinse dishes in the sink too. One unfortunate issue is that my shortness prevents me from using the mirror above the sink. Fail.

Here you can see the view of my DOOR….score for me. My last job had a sliding glass porch door that made me feel like a zoo animal. Now I can shut the world out. My pretty diploma frames are hovering over boxes that need to be stored elsewhere. You can’t tell but that’s pinterest on my screen and yes, I had Jimmy John’s for lunch. It’s a nice little lunch combo. You may notice my color-coded calendar on the bulletin board. I love color-coding and I print that every time a new meeting/item gets added.

A view of the seldom-used table. I would have them take it away but on the rare occasion people visit my office, they would have nowhere to go. You can also see my mini-fridge peeking out from under the table. I swear, if the floor wasn’t concrete, I could live here. What’s funny is that the floor has a lounge complete with a big screen tv with cable and a set of sleeping/shower rooms for on-call doctors….so technically…I probably could live here.

Lastly, a view of my work space. The calendar on the left includes UK/IL basketball games, my running schedule and home-related items. The middle calendar is my sister’s class schedule for college. I stalk her on the regular. And then my color-coded work calendar is on the right. I’m all kinds of organized 🙂

So now that you’ve seen my crib….it’s time for you to leave.  (Isn’t that what they used to say on Cribs? Did anyone else watch that?)

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2 Responses to Work Home

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  2. Amy says:

    Yes, that’s what they said! But none of their cribs was as cool as yours!

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