Day 2: Words

These might all be crappy iPhone pictures based on my ability to actually take real pictures and then take them OFF the camera. This quote rings true for me because I’m a planner. I like things to go the way they make sense in my head. When they don’t, I get a little anxious and frustrated. If I could work on something, it would be living in the moment. There are so many times when I just want the next thing to happen and I don’t take in the moments as they happen. I don’t want Charlotte to ever think I wasn’t loving every moment with her.


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One Response to Day 2: Words

  1. Amy says:

    That’s so sweet about Charlotte. She will know by the way you love her. You know we both take life and motherhood so seriously sometimes is hard to just go with it. It’s like that saying something along the line of “Life happens while you busy making other plans.”

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