11 Things

11 Random Things About Me

1. I’m not a coffee drinker. I always thought someday I would like it but it hasn’t happened. Hot tea or hot chocolate for me!

2. I love navy and stripes and all things nautical. I wish we lived closer to a real beach.

3. I love that Charlotte has crazy hair. It’s growing in all different lengths in different spots. To me, it’s perfect.

4. I’ve never seen Fargo and I don’t care if I do (that’s for Collin who has been begging me to watch it with him).

5. I read Steven King books in junior high much to the dismay of my husband who says it may have warped me a bit.

6. I like being responsible for everything related to Charlotte – daycare, doctor’s appointments, picking out clothes. It’s my thing and I do it well.

7. I went all the way to regionals in the Spelling Bee in junior high.

8. I have watched every season of Survivor

9. I think Cross Fit looks cool.

10. I’m reading the Hunger Games trilogy and loving it. Who cares if it was written for teenage girls?

11. I love all things monogrammed.

11 Questions from Leah’s blog

1. What is your favorite holiday? I’ve always loved the 4th of July. It’s warm, you can celebrate outside, fireworks! What’s not to love?

2. How would you describe your first kiss? awful…I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t really want it.

3. Did you go to public or private school? Private grade school, public high school, public college/law school.

4. Who knows you best? It’s probably a tie between Collin and Karen.

5. Hair binder, hair tie or pontail holder? Ponytail holder

6. Domestic goddess or wannabe? Wannabe. If I had more time, I would be all about it.

7. What is your favorite pen to write with? LOVE LOVE my Staedtler pens.

8. Where is your fast food of poison? Not a really big fan of fast food but I would go with Taco Bell. Collin hates it so I don’t get it much.

9. What was the biggest trophy you ever won? Running Medals

10. What was your favorite grade? Senior year high school….you think you’ve conquered the world

11. Do you like your passport/drivers license picture? They’re actually both pretty decent. In my passport picture my hair is pulled back and I’m wearing a turtleneck sweater. I look like a legit spy.

11 Questions from Andrea’s blog
1. Massage or facial? Deep-tissue massage. Need one STAT.

2. The one facebook-ism that gets on your nerves (eg. cliche status updates, game requests, kissy face photos, etc).  I hate any political status updates…anything where people think they sound smart about something they know nothing about.

3. Be honest. What’s your biggest insecurity? I worry about my insecurities being transferred to Charlotte. I’m neurotic about a lot of things- my weight, my looks, my intelligence. You name it. I’ve got hang ups about it.

4. One word to describe your life AT THIS MOMENT. Happy.

5. Did you have any odd habits or preferences as a child? I used to drink pickle juice.

6. On what side of the sink do your dishes pile up? Right side.

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing in your fridge right now? leftovers that need to be tossed out.

8. What websites and in what order do you visit them every morning? igoogle, espn980 (for Tony Kornheiser’s radio show), hotmail, google reader

9. Did you (or do you) have a myspace page? I did but it was too hard to keep up so I dropped it pretty fast.

10. Would you ever sky dive? I probably would but I’d be terrified that that decision would cost Charlotte a mommy.

11. What was the last thing you pinned on Pinterest. Treadmill workouts

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